Havelock North ready for Lift Off

We’re all set for the launch of PFUHB in Havelock North –

The Domain/ Village Green, Saturday 9th November, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

All Hawke’s Bay Urban residents are welcome to come along, pick up a free tunnel and trap and have a chat about the program.

Michelle and Paul Hicks along with Robert Mellor and Carl Vose and others in Havelock north have been working hard to have over 800 tunnels and traps available. The weather looks awesome too.

The thing I’m loving as much as anything with this program is the great people I’m getting to meet – without fault they are generous and caring both for our wildlife and environment and each other; it’s a tremendous tonic considering some of the other rubbish that’s going on around the world at present.

The traps for this next launch will be a mix of choices as we learn while the program advances. The Landcare Victor Modified has proved difficult to set and I suspect is not the best at catching the critters either, so we have reverted to a standard Victor professional which allows us to afford more traps and tunnels.

We will also for the first time be offering an upgrade to an easy set “Monster” rat trap supplied by Designed to Kill. This provided more options in terms of lures and has a much more effective trigger plate, and importantly for many users is easy to set and release the dead rat – these will be cost to the user ($10) – but this allows us to get another trap on the ground for those who can’t afford the upgrade.

On other matters we have since starting had sightings of a Falcon (Karearea) on Napier Hill and Kaka in the Napier Botanics and at Havelock North at Paul and Michelle Hicks i saw an absolute glut of Tui’s – they can go through over 30 litres in a day at their feeders!!!

The photo here is by Beven Hanlon of the Karearea in a Totara – on Napier Hill!!! Brilliant.

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