Documenting the process

At the end of the Process we aim to have established answers for each of the following questions (and others I expect), for each of the main areas in Urban Hawke’s Bay communities

Along the way we will collect this information and make it readily available, as it comes together, for anyone who is interested.


  • How do we lead/who should lead such a programme?
  • What funding is available from where?
  • Who is the contact person for each?
  • What criteria is likely to see application succeed? What investment is needed to get going?
  • A budget template.
  • What ongoing costs can we expect?
  • How do we set up a not for profit?


  • What are the best traps to use? Where do we source them from?
  • What are the best poisons to use? How do we handle them safely?
  • How do we manage Industrial estates?
  • How to we manage shopping centres?
  • How do we manage waterways?


  • Who are the best people to talk to locally or from an adjacent program?
  • Who are the experts available?
  • What risks do we run?


  • Case against: Rats
  • Case Against: Mice
  • Case against:Mustelids
  • Case against: Possums
  • Case against: Hedgehogs
  • Case against: Cats
  • Case against: Ants


  • How to we manage critics? Cat lovers? Hedgehog lovers?
  • What is the best means to socialise the concept – websites, social media, papers etc. Who to talk to on these aspects.
  •  A dead native bird?
  • What if we find a dead cat
  • What is best practice for private homeowners with cats?
  • What steps can anyone take to minimise rat friendly environments?
  • Useful links for placing on website


  • Why engage schools – who are the contacts for each school (not simply the principal)?
  • What role does the local council have?
  • What role does HBRC have?
  • What role does DOC have?
  • What local businesses have already expressed an interest in getting involved?
  • How do we deal with vandalism?
  • First meeting essentials
  • Publicity campaign


  • How do we promote maintenance of traps and bait stations?
  • What apps are available?
  • What forums, conferences, blogs should we subscribe to?


  • If successful what species could potentially be introduced (species suitable for habitat)?
  • What changes can we expect Years 1-5?