The why.

Several times I’ve been asked why I’m doing this Predator Free ‘thing’.

It’s a simple question with no simple answer, but perhaps the best word to describe it is community.

We saw 100’s at the Napier launch and 100’s again at the Havelock North launch last weekend. I’ve met with volunteer conservation groups, school groups, businesses and ‘every day people’ – ‘good buggers’ all of them.

We now have over 1000 traps in the community, but the work has just begun and we’ve got a long way to go.

However, yesterday was typical of the sort of thing that has this boomer believing that the future will be in good hands and the best we can do is continue to nurture and foster them; and PFUHB and other predator free programs are doing just that.

I met with Lucy, Charlie and Finn at Hastings Christian School after they had approached me about supporting the program. Great kids doing good things and conducting themselves admirably (…and Lucy’s parents had got a trap at the Havelock launch and caught a big rat almost immediately).

Origami and thank you card from Lucy, Charlie and Finn

Spending time with school groups (I’ve lost count) is a high priority for me – they are the future guardians, our kaitiaki.

This younger generation is a voice for the future and bring an optimism and belief that we can ‘get things right’.

Rats are the obvious problem, however the real problem is we need more people valuing their environment like some of our kids are.

Following meeting with Lucy , Charlie and Finn I met with a Hastings Business Strata who are also busy doing good things and are typical of the people I’m meeting on a daily basis – it keeps me going! Interest from companies supporting PFUHB is such a great vehicle both for funding support but also in socialising the message.

Strangely, the message is not – “kill rats” – it’s more:

“Care for your environment (and here’s a simple way to begin) and show you care for your community”.

So there’s my why – I care for our environment and I care for our community – and rat’s you’ve gotta go.

If you want to join us get in touch. If you’re already behind us (with a trap) – please focus on three things:

  • Tell everyone (Be proud!)
  • Set your trap and check it regularly (don’t give up)
  • Upload your data to trap nz (Contact us if you have issues, we can load details for you to get started)

Also note shortly I will be generating a page with a list of local coordinators so people can go the nearest one – we have about 10 now and need more, but we may as well connect where we can.

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