Removing Rodents & Possums and Enhancing Native Flora and Fauna for all of Hawke’s Bay

Predator Free Urban Hawke’s Bay (PFUHB) is a not for profit community based program launched in 2019.

Grown from the idea of a predator free Napier Hill, the logical extension was to make this a test case to establish a template for all urban communities in Hawke’s Bay.

Napier Hill is ideally placed to bridge the amazingly visionary wildlife sanctuary’s at Boundary Stream and at the Cape Sanctuary with a model which is based on an appropriate urbanized protection system that leans heavily on the lessons already learned in areas like Wellington.

Napier, as a starting base, also provides a strong urban community and sits well as a location to link together more predator free communities in an inter-connected manner.

The aim is to significantly reduce predation and thereby enhance bird and invertebrate (skinks, gecko’s etc.) life initially in and around Napier, Hawke’s Bay, and create a groundswell of informed communities that can readily apply the lessons learnt and follow a proven template to attaining their own robust predator free community.

The Primary targets are Rats, mice, possums, ferrets and stoats.


What future do you want for your children and grandchildren?

I, for one, want a better Hawke’s Bay than what we have now, and I am sure most of the rest of Hawke’s Bay agrees.

PFUHB is aimed at providing an independent, or perhaps inter-dependent is a better expression, community led hub to drive and support a dramatic shift in our Urban community engagement within the broader context of Biodiversity initiatives underway in Hawke’s Bay.

It is not aimed at displacing any of the current initiatives underway, more-so it is aimed at leveraging and socializing those programmes and complementing them with a program focused specifically on Urban communities and their engagement.

As an eco-sanctuary, protecting what was on Napier Hill 150 years ago, we are in an appalling state, another reason to start in the Napier Hill area.

What excited me though is that we can change this – together – and we can share that learning process along the way.

Join us.

Richard Croad

Bluff Hill, May 2019

Richard and Chrissy

Join us – everyone together will make this a relatively easy and ultimately rewarding project.