The Journey Begins

The government announced the ambitious Predator Free 2050 program recently and throughout the country different initiatives are underway and/or now embraced within this bigger goal.
In Hawke’s Bay the Cape Sanctuary and Boundary Stream projects were ahead of this initiative and undoubtedly visionary.
What has since been recognised – and in an area like Wellington, realised, is that community involvement and support of predator free initiatives is both critical and mutually beneficial.

It’s with this in mind that many community groups have started and though this is only the second community group in Hawke’s Bay (see Pest Free Esk Hill), we hope it can provide a significant boost to advancing similar programs across  Hawke’s Bay.

Please note that at this stage all views and opinions on this Website and blog are mine, and mine alone; with time the blog will have a broader base for moderation.

Richard Croad
May 2019