Success with our first working bee

Less than 2 weeks to public launch – so it was time we put together the essential “give away”.

First layer of 6 (and a few more)

With a small but dedicated team – a neighbour, the father of 2 mates I employed over 30 years ago, Regional council Candidate Martin Williams, a good friend and retired lawyer, my oldest daughter and a whole bunch of Scouts and cubs from Mahora scouts group we managed to knock out 230 Trap tunnels.

Some of the Mahora Scouts – and my daughter Olive in the Hi-viz! – hard at work

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council generously made available their Rural Pest Control building (Big ups to Allan Beere and Campbell Leckie for their support) – and after a few mis-steps we had a system going which was knocking out 50 tunnels an hour over the final 3 hours.

The best part was every single person involved left with a smile on their face – and indicated they wanted to do more. I am so grateful for everyone who has been involved and it was a great omen for the launch – 2pm the Sound Shell Marine Parade, Napier.

As I said -everyone looking happy with their effort!

Please note – we will follow through with similar events in Hastings and Havelock North soon, but don’t let that stop you swinging by, getting a trap and tunnel on the 14th of September, and getting underway.

Thanks for the great mahi everyone.


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